Democratic Procedures Committee election results

Speech by NUS Deputy Returning Officer Kathy Wylde:


"As NUS Deputy Returning Officer I am pleased to announce the results of the following NUS elections for the Democratic Procedures Committee.

In total four positions were to be elected this year for two year terms. An additional, fifth position was elected on a one year term to fill a vacancy on the DPC. The four candidates at the top of the ballot were elected for two years whilst the candidate in fifth place was elected for one year.

The elected members are:

Eve Alcock                        


Rania Salim                   

Lucy Holland


Fraser Amos                     


Tobiloba Adeyemi


380 voters participated representing a 60% turnout.

The count was conducted at 13: 00 pm Monday 6 April 2020. Count observers, selected by each of the candidates, were present.

I have inspected the list of delegates who have cast their votes (n.b. this does not show how the vote has been cast). Following this inspection and a sharing of the anonymised list with count observers, I am satisfied that votes have only been issued to eligible delegates.

The count included a review of the count sheets by myself and observers."

Download count sheet