National Scrutiny Council election results


Speech by NUS Deputy Returning Officer Kathy Wylde:


"As NUS Deputy Returning Officer I am pleased to announce the results of the following NUS elections for the National Scrutiny Council.



Najma Abdi


Nahaja Nurani


Majid Shemsedin


Khuram Mahmood


Lubaba Khalid 


Hatty Ruddick


Stephanie Lomas 


Amanda Sefton


Nazifa Zaman


Molly Smallwood 


Jack Appleby


IjIhal Kahlid


Adnan Rahman


Joshua Muirhead


Muna Ali stage


Tiana Holgate


380 voters participated representing a 60% turnout.

The number of elected candidates from FE courses was is lower than the total number of FE vacancies on the NSC. Therefore 4 vacancies remain, 2 of which must be filled by women or non-binary candidates. Further details on how these vacancies are to be filled will be published at a future date following conversations with the new committee, future NUS offices, the DPC and the Returning Officer.

The count was conducted at 13: 00 pm Monday 6 April 2020. Count observers, selected by each of the candidates, were present.

I have inspected the list of delegates who have cast their votes (n.b. this does not show how the vote has been cast). Following this inspection and a sharing of the anonymised list with count observers, I am satisfied that votes have only been issued to eligible delegates.

The count included a review of the count sheets by myself and observers."

Download count sheet (please note this count was conducted in four rounds - there is a seperate tab for each round)