Student Director Candidates

NUS UK Student Member Directors

NUS UK works to make the world better for students through campaigning across the UK. We spend our time mobilising students, meeting with policy makers, and winning over public opinion on the big issues which impact all 7million learners we represent. NUS is 97 years old and this might be our most important period yet. We’ve changed the way we work, we’ve got ourselves on a stable footing, and we can’t wait to get going with our new organisation.

The role of student member director

We’re not going to be a typical campaigning organisation and we believe diversity is our strength. Being a Director of NUS UK is no small task.

There are a range of legal and governance obligations which every Director must fulfil which includes:

• Act as a single body;

• Ensure the organisation has a clear strategy or set of goals;

• Ensure the work and goals of the organisation are in line with its stated vision, usually defined in NUS UK’s Articles;

• Keep a check on the organisation’s finances and activities;

• Act in accordance with the Nolan Committee’s Seven Principles of Public Life; and Champion the values of our organisation

Ratification by National Conference  

The following students and student officers were elected online on a one students’ union one vote basis. This was conducted by secret ballot.

Charlie Hind - Leeds Beckett Students' Union

Photo of Charlie Hind

Andrew Wilson - Edinburgh University Students' Association

Photo of Andrew Wilson

You’ll receive a separate email with a unique link to ratify these candidates. Voting opens 11.15am Wednesday 1 April and closes at 12noon Monday 6 April.