Democratic Procedures Committee Candidates

To vote in these elections you’ll receive a separate email with a unique link to vote. This will take you through to voting on ALL policies, Reports and volunteer position elections.  Voting opens 11.15am Wednesday 1 April and closes at 12noon Monday 6 April for Policy voting.

There are four positions available on the Democratic Procedures Committee.

Update 01/04/20 15:00 - clarification of positions available. Since voting opened we have realised that there should be another position elected to DPC to fill a casual vacancy. Therefore the number of positions available on DPC are:

  • Four members elected on two year terms
  • One member elected on a one year term (to fill a casual vacancy). The candidate who comes fifth in this election will fill this space.


DPC Candidates

Tobiloba Adeyemi

University of Birmingham Guild of Students

Nominated by; Joshua Williams - University of Birmingham Guild of Students, Liam Rogers - Newman University Students' Union, Ross Loveitt - University College Birmingham Guild of Students, Hillary Gyebi-Ababio - University of Bristol Students' Union, Eloise Gibbins - Bath Spa University Students' Union.

My name is Tobi, I am the postgraduate officer and president elect at the University of Birmingham.

I am volunteering for the role of DPC because I am keen on ensuring that democratic procedures are easy to understand and clear enough to also ensure that decisions being made duly represent the needs of students.

Being part of a team that has reviewed the current democratic structure of my student union, I understand the importance of a non-ambiguous democratic structure therefore I will do my part and help ensure the smooth working of the NUS democratic structure.



Eve Alcock

University of Bath Students' Union

Nominated by; Martha Warren - Trinity Saint David Students' Union, Hillary Gyebi-Ababio - University of Bristol Students' Union, Alex Holmes - Birkbeck College Students' Union, Liam Bloomfield - University of Bedfordshire Students' Union, Andrew Wilson - Edinburgh University Students' Association.

Hi! I'm Eve Alcock, President of Bath SU and I'm running to be on your DPC!

I believe in the student movement, having had keen involvement in NUS for 3 years, the People's Vote campaign and proven track record empowering women into leadership roles.

As President I've implemented University Governance reform that democratised engagement and reviewed our SU Articles to ensure students have organisational power.

NUS' democratic spaces are vital but still shut out many students, so I'm running for DPC to give the power back to you, the membership. Believe in Eve, vote me #1 for DPC! Thank you!

Twitter: @evealcock


Fraser Amos

Warwick Students' Union

Nominated by; Charlie Hind - Leeds Beckett Students' Union, Lucy Mooring - Warwick Students' Union, Adnan Rahman - University of Leicester Students' Union, Nabeela Mowlana - Sheffield Hallam Students' Union.

Hi I'm Fraser!I want to make sure next years conference runs smoothly and is accessible to everyone, I believe my experience in my SU will help me do this. From chairing societies, organising groups and Student Union execs, to running elections & working in local democracy, I have extensive experience of chairing, handling motions, following procedures and managing democratic events.I'm running to make sure in a time of huge change that our DPC is transparent.

I want to help keep our National Union open, fair and democratic so that we can re-engage students and rebuild our movement.



Sophie Atherton

University East Anglia Students' Union

Nominated by; Matt Hayes - ARU Students' Union, Amelia Trew - University East Anglia Students' UnionUpload proof, George Wardle - Union of Brunel Students.

For the last 2 year, I have been the Campaigns and Democracy Officer at UEASU.

Over the last year I have under taken a full review of our democratic structures to ensure that they are more accessible and democratic for my student body.

As I member of NUS DPC, I will ensure that NUS is accessible, inclusive, and works for all members.

You should elect me because I work hard to ensure that everyone who wishes to partake, can do so!

Twitter: @sophiehatherto


Pedram Baniasadi

University of Leicester Students' Union

Nominated by; Oge Obioha - University of Leicester Students' Union, Jody Holland - University of Sheffield Students' Union, George Cockerill - University of Lincoln Students' Union, Gustavo Bedicks - Liverpool Hope Students' Union.

I hope you are well in these difficult times.

My name is Pedram Baniasadi and this is what I want to achieve for you:

- Direct and consistent communication with you on what could be improved

- Champion for audio-to-text translators and signers

- More pre-conference materials sent to first-time delegates

- Contingency-plans when the conference cannot run in an ordinary manner including the development of a more engaging online conference, where you can submit motions and audio-only speeches.

With your vote, I promise to put my heart and soul into creating a Union run with empathy and understanding.



James Giles

Students' Union Royal Holloway University of London

Nominated by; Layla Seymour - Leeds University Union, Vaanee Sudershana Sarihyan - Students' Union Royal Holloway University of London, Toby Podger-Taylor - Goldsmiths Students' Union, Benjamin George Long - Leeds University Union.

The DPC must continue to promote accountability and ensure proper governance of the NUS conference, and therefore needs members who are experienced in governance and scrutiny.

As someone who has served as a Primary School Governor, Elected NHS Hospital Governor and Chairman of two Residents' Associations, I am no stranger to upholding good governance and promoting accountability.

Furthermore, I have a keen eye for detail, having worked with decision-makers my local authority for the last five years on ensuring sound, evidence-based decision-making and policy.

Electing me to the DPC ensures good governance and a successful conference for every delegate.

Twitter: @JamesGilesRBK


Nathalie Grigorenko

London School of Economics and Political Science Students' Union

Nominated by; Henry Setter - Greenwich Students' Union, Tuna Kunt - City University of London Students' Union, Alessio Papa - King's College London Students' Union, Mathilda Early - London School of Economics and Political Science Students' Union, Anna Graysmith - University East Anglia Students' Union.

Hi, I'm Nathalie: MSc Gender student and SU keeno.

After 6 years of student activism within governance and liberation, both as an elected officer and in student societies, I have been a member of 3 students' unions in both Sweden and the UK.

A thriving NUS is a democratic NUS, and if elected, I will make democratic procedures more accessible and inclusive by utilising my international experiences and insights.

Rather than a follower, the NUS should be a leader in student democracy.Vote Nathalie #1 for DPC to make the exclusive language of bureaucracy inclusive and accessible.



Lucy Holland

Middlesex University Students' Union

Nominated by; Becky Ricketts - Trinity Saint David Students' Union, Jack Appleby - Chester Students' Union, Matthew Crilly - University of Strathclyde Students' Association, Alisha Lobo - University of Bath Students' Union, Molly Smallwood - Edge Hill Students' Union.

Hello delegates! My name is Lucy Holland and I'm running to be on your DPC.

I've had an amazing time being involved with NUS over the last 2 years, but I've also seen how our spaces can be inaccessible, unengaging and dis-empowering for so many people.

I'm running for DPC to make sure that our events cater to as many people as possible and really give students power over their decision making spaces.

I am enthusiastic, optimistic and believe in the good of the student movement. So, make the right choice and vote Lucy #1 for DPC, enjoy virtual-conference!



Alex Holmes

Birkbeck College Students' Union

Nominated by; Hattie Tollerson - London South Bank University Students' Union, Helder Costa - University of Sunderland Students' Union, Molly Houghton - Edge Hill Students' Union, Rio Hall - Chester Students' Union, Eve Alcock - University of Bath Students' Union.

I'm Alex Holmes, a second-year sabbatical officer at Birkbeck SU. My first experience of the NUS was as a delegate to NUS LGBT+ Conference - so I understand the value of our liberation campaigns and sections, and why it's so important that we ensure these voices continue to be heard in the NUS.

I'm running for DPC because the next two years will be a defining moment for the NUS, so it's crucial that our democratic structures are as inclusive, accessible and empowering as possible during this time.

I will strive to ensure we're open, friendly and effective. Thank you!



Kate McIntosh

Durham Students' Union

Nominated by; Sara Khan - University of Manchester Students' Union, Jake Verity - University of Sheffield Students' Union, Penny Dinh - University of Exeter Students' Guild, Sam Johnson-Audini - Durham Students' Union.

I'm Kate, President of Durham SU. Between the three national conferences I've attended, NUS and its democracy have changed beyond recognition.

We've faced up to the challenges of transition, and now we're responding to a global pandemic.

I'm running for DPC to make sure that everything we learn as we overcome these challenges informs part of a fair, deliberative democratic culture that is safeguarded, not undermined, by procedures and processes.

As a member of DPC, I'll ensure students have the power to shape their Unions and the world around us, through a democracy that is engaging, accessible and innovative.



Lucas North

University of Manchester Students' Union

Nominated by; Ash Routh - University of Sheffield Students' Union, George Hadjiyiannakis - St George's Students' Union.

This year's Conference was always going to be different.

DPC have worked on new ways of delivering our democracy. Circumstances mean we haven't been able to deliver everything, but I ask that delegates re-elect me so that we can continue that work.

As Vice Chair of DPC this year, I've had the privilege to be part of a team which has made great strides transforming Conference into what it needs to be. Please re-elect me to finish the job, so that next year's Conference can be the enjoyable, democratic, and productive space it needs to be.



James Pheasey

University of Nottingham Students' Union

Nominated by; Emer O'Driscoll - Students' Union UCL, Georgina Pittman - University of Nottingham Students' Union, Isabel Bygrave - University of Birmingham Guild of Students.

I'm James Pheasey (he/they), the current President, and former LGBT+ Officer, of the Univeristy of Nottingham Students' Union.

I've served on UoNSU DPC for multiple years and always been heavily involved in our democratic procedures.

I've worked with many difficult (broken) governing documents, working to rewrite them (as President of the Philosophy Society), update them (as Chair of LGBT+ Network), and understand and interpret the nuances of the Union's byelaws and Articles when challenges arise for the Trustee Board. Democracy and Governance brought me into the SU world and I would be honoured to continue this on NUS DPC.

No social media provided


Haris Rashid

Liverpool Hope Students' Union

Nominated by; Ahmed Ali - Leeds Beckett Students' Union, Muna Ali - Union of Kingston Students, Ibrahim Alzaid - University of Westminster Students' Union.

As the President and chair of the trustee board at Liverpool Hope SU, democracy and governance are central to my roles. Jobs others may find monotonous are ones I take pride in.

At my SU I updated our outdated bye-laws and constitution to create a structure that actually works for students. I worked to hire new part time staff to strengthen our team and implemented new staffing regulations to build a more stable working environment. Making these changes required meticulous attention and hard work, and I want to bring this work ethic to our National Union.

Vote Haris #1 DPC!

No social media provided


Neil Richardson

Ulster University Students' Union

Nominated by; Jack Clarke - Students' Association of the University of the West of Scotland, Molly Russle - The Students' Union at UWE, Stephanie Lomas - University of Central Lancashire Students' Union.

NUS need to ensure it has a strong democratic procedures Committee to ensure democracy remains within our Union. If elected to DPC I will ensure what Democratic produces are followed and we actively seek to make them better for students and our movement. I believe DPC should be fully independent which is why I'm open and honest to say I am not part of any fraction within the NUS, an independent DPC is an effective and fair DPC.

No social media provided


Rania Salim

City, University of London Students' Union

Nominated by; Lubaba Khalid - University of Westminster Students' Union, Najma Abdi - City of Bristol College Students' Union, Aysha Saeed - University of Exeter Students' Guild.

As the Vice President Community and Wellbeing at City Students Union and an Economics graduate, I have an eye for detail and I use critical thinking to come to the best decisions.

Within my union, I helped set up working groups that were integral to creating and implementing our 3-year union strategy. I also built up our student support and wellbeing services making them more accessible for struggling students.

As a member of the DPC, I'd use my skills and experience to generate effective accessible processes that empower students to engage with their National Union. Vote Rania #1 DPC.

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Maryam Shah

Oxford University Students' Union

Nominated by; Nyasha Nyamandi - St Brendan's Sixth Form College Students' Union, Minahil Mujahid - Oxford University Students' Union, Romana Jabeen - Manchester Metropolitan Students' Union.

I believe NUS democracy only works if delegates are given ACCESSIBLE information and are empowered to make INDEPENDENT choices.

As a past-conference organiser and video-maker I'm used to absorbing large amounts of content and making it easily digestible for others.

As former Oxford Union Women's Officer I have: organised workshops; helped organise a 2,000+ Model United Nations conference and worked on disability and international-activist conferences.

With my skills, I will push for an NUS that utilises video-technology to properly explain its history, vision and processes so students feel able to easily create change. Vote Maryam #1 DPC!

No social media provided


Ndilipomwene Sheekuli

Edinburgh Napier Students' Association (ENSA)

Nominated by; America Martins - Heriot-Watt University Student Union, Osanweike Aninyei - Edinburgh Napier Students' Association (ENSA), Chandi Paudel - The Students' Union, Queen Margaret University.

In a time such as this, we need activists to lead the movement to its former glory.

We live in peculiar times, Brexit on one end, corona on the other. To rise against the tides of student poverty, high rental fees and unsafe accomodation for our students, we need a new breed of leaders who get things done.

I am not the man with all ideas, but I believe I have the will and the energy to mobilise ground forces and reconnect our movement with the students who most matters.

Together we Can, United we are strong.



Shane Simpkin

Union of Kingston Students

Nominated by; Nelly Kibirige - London South Bank University Students' Union, Suntosh Kaur - University of Central Lancashire Students' Union, Diya Rattanpal - De Montfort University Students' Union, Niamh Gallagher - Manchester Metropolitan Students' Union, Kate Foy - University of Manchester Students' Union.

Since the beginning of my University journey in 2018, I've been heavily involved with our SU' governance. From reforming Union Council, supporting our liberation team, to running campaigns such as Gender Neutral Toilets.

NUS should be a prime example of how democracy should operate. I spend so much time analysing not only our governance, but some of yours too, even all the articles of NUS! I'm a critical policy nerd with experience under my belt.

Choosing Shane, someone with experience, and a crucial eye for detail means you're enabling an open, fair, transparent, simplified, and stronger democracy!

Twitter: @ShaneSimpkin