The Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place at National Conference

The following reports will be presented:

  • The Trustee, Nominations Committee, DPC, NEC and CRO reports will all be discussed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 
  • The amount NUS plans to spend in each area is outlined in the Estimates and approved here
  • The estimates will include a proposal about the affiliation fee unions pay to NUS for membership
  • Motions that change how NUS’ internal processes are administered are voted for here too
  • DPC will propose the formula to calculate how many delegates are sent to National Conference

You may challenge the estimates or reference back on a AGM report. You may also submit a question on the Estimates or Accounts or another AGM report. 

The accounts and estimates can be found here. The deadline for challenging the accounts and estimates is Monday 18 March 12 Noon

Changing the articles and rules

The AGM can also include proposals to change the NUS UK Articles and Rules. In order to change the Articles a formal Company Law meeting will take place. If this needs to take place based on the motions submitted members will be updated.