National Conference Motions and Amendments

Motions and Amendments submitted by members
Thursday 14 March 2019, 10:19

This document contains Motions and Amendments submitted to National Conference by Constituent Members of NUS. Motions are sorted according to the Zone in which they relate to.


After submission of motions the Democratic Procedures Committee (DPC) met to review the motions, ensure they were in the correct zone and to prepare composite motions where neccesary. As Conference cannot debate the same issue twice, DPC groups motions which are on the same subject and prepares them as a composite motion.


As part of this process motion submitters were informed of DPC’s intentions to either rezone, ask for clarification or composite motions. This document represents the motions and amendments after this process, as prepared by DPC.


Currently motions are ordered by Zone with amendments first. Motions are then by date and time of submission, with those submitted earliest being higher up in the order.


The final order of motions for discussion is decided by Conference through a process called the Priority Ballot. Through this ballot delegates determine which are the most important motions for debate. Conference aims to get through as many motions as possible but it is not always possible to get through all the motions in each Zone, which is why the priority ballot is important.


More information about the Priority Ballot can be found at


Once the Priority Ballot has been completed a new version of this document will be produced ahead of Conference.

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