You can read all the motions and amendments that have been sumbitted to National Conference 2018 here.

What is a motion?

A motion is a proposed policy. It states what we believe about an issue, and the action we will take. Any students’ union that is affiliated to NUS can submit a motion or amendment to National Conference.

Motions are discussed and debated at National Conference and then voted on.

If more than half of delegates at National Conference vote for a motion or amendment it will become policy.


What is an amendment?

Students’ unions have a chance to submit an amendment that either adds to, deletes or replaces text in a Zone Proposal or discusses a new idea in a motion.


Writing an amendment

Amendments can suggest three actions

Add: Add some text to the motion, for example if you can think of a great way to campaign on an issue you can add this to the resolves of a Zone Proposal.

Replace: Replace some of the text in the motion. For example, if the motion states that there are 200 Colleges in the UK, and you know that there are 370 Colleges, you can replace this line.

Delete: You can’t delete the whole motion! But you can write an amendment to remove specific lines if you’d like to.

In an Amendment you need to identify which lines you are amending, for example:

‘Replace Believes 2 with: There are 370 colleges in the UK’