Priority Ballot

What is it?

The Priority Ballot is vote which we ask all confirmed delegates to participate in which determines the order the zonesare debated in  (except Priority Zone which is always first and AGM which is always last), and the order which the motions are discussed in each zone. Through this ballot delegates determine which are the most important motions for debate. Conference aims to get through as many motions as possible but it is not always possible to get through all the motions in each Zone, which is why the priority ballot is important.

How it Works

There are three stages to the Priority Ballot

Stage One - Register for Conference with Priority Ballot

To take part in the Priority Ballot Delegates will need to be registered with their personal email address by the stated deadline. They will not be able to take part if they are registered under an email address that belongs to a member of union staff. We must have complete information about your whole delegation so that we can check you are within your delegate entitlement and comply with our fair representation policy before we send out the ballot. 

Stage Two - Link to Priority Ballot Sent

Every delegate registered by the stated deadline will receive a list of proposed Motions and a link to vote online for the order of the Motions. There will be a one week period in order to cast votes.

Stage Three - Priority Ballot Closes

Once all votes are cast the results and motion order will be announced

Dates and deadlines for the Priority Ballot can be found here