Priority Ballot

The Priority Ballot is now closed

What is it?

The Priority Ballot decides the order of motions to be discussed at National Conference. As part of the vote delegates choose which zones they wish to discuss policy within first and also the order in which the motions will be discussed. This relates to ordinary motions to National Conference only and the rest of the agenda for conference is set by the Democratic Procedures Committee. So the order for the AGM, policy adoptions, Zone reports and other key conference agenda items aren't determined by this ballot. Zone proposals aren't included in the Priority Ballot voting as they are always considered first.

Who can vote in the Priority Ballot?

All conference delegates may vote in the Priority Ballot, providing that:

  • They have been registered by the stated date for participation in the ballot (this year it was 8 March 2019)
  • We have confirmed that the Union has registered a valid delegation. This means that the Union is within its delegate entitlement and is compliant with NUS' Fair Representation Policy. For the avoidance of doubt - we must be in a position to confirm the full delegation is valid otherwise no members of the delegation may vote
  • We have valid email addresses to send the Ballot to, which are not duplicates

Where do I read the Motions?

Motions can be found here

I haven't received my voting link. What do I do?

In the first instance, please check with your Students' Union that you are registered for the conference by the deadline and that there are no issues with the delegation (see above)

Please email stating your name and Union

Please check your inbox and spam folders and do this early. If you have not received your vote please let us know as soon as possible. We must have heard from you 24 hours before close of voting (Weds 20 March 12 noon) in order to be able to review the issue and take the neccesary technical steps to add you to the ballot.


The Priority Ballot is now closed, the order of the Motions and Zones is as per the Priority Ballot results. 


If you would like to view the Priority Ballot results please email