Policy Adoption

Every year at National Conference, policy from the NEC, Nations, Liberations and Sections Conferences is reported on and adopted by conference. This page contains a summary of policies plus a link to each of the relevant policy documents to be adopted.


Please note this page will be updated as Resolutions are passed at Spring Conferences. Due to where Conferences have fallen in the calendar year some areas have resolutions from two conferences to be adopted


From the NUS Rules


475. Policy Adoption

476. During each Annual National Conference each of the following bodies will report to the National Conference on its work throughout the year and propose for adoption policies passed at the relevant conference of each body.

     a. Nations

     b. NUS-USI

     c. Liberation Campaigns

     d. Student Sections

     e. National Executive Council

477. Unless an objection is raised these policies will be automatically adoption at the end of the National Conference

478. Objections to the adoption of any such policies or part thereof will be delivered to the Democratic Procedures Committee

479. During the relevant session of the National Conference the Chairperson will invite at least one speech in favour of each objection, and at least one speech against. The Chairperson will then move to a vote where a simple majority will sustain the objection and the policy or part thereof will not be adopted

480. In the event that policy is adopted under these procedures which conflicts with policy passed as a result of Zone or Emergency Motion debates at National Conference the policy passed at National Conference as a result of Zone or Emergency Motion debates shall take precedence over this adopted policy as the position of the National Union.


What you need to do


Before National Conference: You should read through this document and contact the Democratic Procedures Committee. You are encouraged to discuss the reasons for your challenge with the relevant Convenor of that policy before you submit your challenge. If there are no challenges the motions will be adopted automatically.


Policy to be Adopted


National Executive Council


Sets interim policy that affects the work of the National Union as a whole. This includes motions remitted from National Conference.


NEC Resolutions 2017/18 M5 | June 2018 (includes policy remitted from National Conference 2018)

NEC Resolutions 2018/19 M1 | September 2018

NEC Resolutons 2018/19 M2 | December 2018

NEC Resolutions 2018/19 M3 | February 2019


The Nations and NUS-USI

These are politically autonomous organisations set up to represent the students of a geographical area – Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland


NUS Scotland Resolutions 2018-2019

NUS-USI Resolutions 2019

NUS Wales Resolutions 2019

The Liberation Campaigns


These are politically autonomous campaigns set up to represent those students who are discriminated against or disadvantaged by society because of their background, culture, gender, gender identity, race, sexual orientation or ability. They are the Black Students Campaign, Disabled Students Campaign, LGBT+ Campaign, Trans Campaign and Women’s Campaign.


Black Students' Resolutions 2018 

Black Students' Resolutions 2019 


Disabled Students' Resolutions 2018


LGBT+ Students' Resolutions 2019

Trans Students' Resolutions 2018

Trans Students' Resolutions 2019 


Women Students' Resolutions 2018


Student Sections


These are groups set up within the HE and Welfare Zones to represent the needs of particular sections of students. These are International Students, Mature and Part Time Students and Postgraduate Students.


Postgraduate and Mature & Part Time Resolutions 2018

Postgraduate, Mature & Part Time and International Resolutions 2019