National Conference is the sovereign policy-making body of NUS. Each year, nearly 1000 delegates meet to discuss and debate motions which set out NUS' political stance for the year ahead.

Each of the Five Zones and the Priority Zone have submitted motions which can be read here

You can submit a Motion or Amendment to Conference by following this link

The deadline for Motion submission is 28 February12 noon


Before you start filling in the form make sure you have the following:

Union Details
✅ Your NUS Secure Code (issued annually to your President and CEO)
✅ Your name and contact details
✅ Contact details of two Student Officers preferably the lead elected officer (President) and officers attending National Conference as delegates
✅ Details of which democratic process you used to agree your Motion

Motion Details
✅ Agree which Zone your Motion falls into
✅ Check your Motion doesn't duplicate Live Policy of NUS
✅ Count up the word count of each individual Motion
✅ Ensure the total length of your motions don't exceed 1,400 words
✅ Give a title to your motion which summarises what it is about
✅ Split the text into 'NUS Believes', 'NUS Further Believes' and 'NUS Resolves'

For more information read our Guide to Writing Motions