Nominate yourself to DPC

At National Conference we elect our student leadership who will be leading the work of NUS for the next two years. We also elect key volunteer positions that allow for effective oversight and scrutiny of our democracy.


Positions available


4 members of the Democratic Procedures Committee (2 year term)

There are 4 places being elected this year and these are two-year positions. In total there are 9 students on DPC with half being elected each year to ensure continuity.

DPC is all about running NUS’ democracy in a fair impartial manner. The job of DPC is to set and implement rules to make sure our democratic spaces run well.

In the newly reformed NUS there is a new and exciting role for DPC in implementing our Doing Democracy Differently project. We know that members want us to make democratic spaces more engaging, participatory and fun. We also know that students want to access more digital democracy. We’ve made some key steps in doing this in 2020, but there is much more we can do. DPC have a really important and strong role in leading this work.

Practically the role involves meeting online via skype throughout the year and liaising with NUS staff to about rules, ways of working and policy proposals.


Becoming a candidate


1. Find out if you are eligible

To be eligible to stand as an election candidate you must be a current student or sabbatical officer at a Students’ Union which is an affiliated member of NUS at the time of the election.


You must also be nominated by other students. You must receive nominations from students or sabbatical officers in different Students’ Unions (one can be from your SU). The number of nominations required is:


  • Voluntary roles: 3 students or sabbatical officers


For each person nominating we need proof of student status. They also need to meet the same eligibility criteria as you (e.g. only FE students can make nominations for the Vice President Further Education). Names of your nominators will be publicized on your candidacy information.


  1. Tell us about yourself

We also ask that you prepare information for your candidacy to be submitted when you stand.

  • A head and shoulders photograph
  • A 100 word candidate statement
  • Links to social media accounts
  1. Submit your application

You must do this online by the stated deadline. The forms are available at the links below:


Democratic Procedures Committee

Form available here

Deadline 31 March 12 noon


Any applications made after the deadline will not be considered. You should allow plenty of time to account for any technical issues.


On the form you will be asked for the following information. We advise you gather this together in advance of submitting your application


  • Your Personal details (name, email address and contact phone number)
  • Proof of Student/Officer Status (either a letter from your SU/Institution or a valid student card)
  • Details of people nominating you for this position (their name, Student Union/College and proof of Student/Officer status).


In addition, the following are optional but we recommend you have this

  • Details of an additional two people who are nominating you for this position (in case there are any issues with your nominators)
  • A head and shoulders photo of yourself on a plain background with no-one else in the photo
  • A 100 word statement telling voters about you and why you are standing for this position
  • Details of your social media accounts


Once your candidacy application has been submitted you will receive an automatic email. If you do not receive this email you must let us know before the deadline.

After the deadline for application the Returning Officer will review your application. If we need further information we’ll ask you to provide this in a specified timeframe.