Positions Available

Elections which will be held at National Conference 2018 are listed below. For every position we have summarised the role and responsibilities so that you are clear on what is expected of the successful candidate.

The roles being elected at this Conference have changed and this reflects the decision of the Joint Boards of NUS about officer and committee roles. For more information about this please see:

Full-Time Officers

The following positions are available for election at National Conference:

  • National President
  • Vice President (Further Education)
  • Vice President (Higher Education)
  • Vice President (Union Development)
  • Vice President (Welfare)

The deadline for nominations is 25 February 12 noon

National Executive Council voluntary positions

National Conference elects 15 members of the National Executive Council – known as the ‘Block of 15’. Five positions are reserved for Further Education candidates and 50% of the positions (rounded down) will be reserved for candidates who self-define as women. 

Stand for election

The deadline for nominations is 25 February 12 noon

Democratic Procedures Committee Members      

The National Conference elects members to the Democratic Procedures Committee, which ensures the smooth running of Conference and the policy process. National Conference will elect two members this year for two year terms and two for one year terms.

Nominations for Democratic Procedures Committee will open and close at Conference

How do I stand?

To stand for election you will need a number of students to nominate you. For the full time position you will need 10 nominations and for voluntary positions you need 5 nominations from different Constituent Members. This simply means you need to find people from different Students’ Unions/Associations to publically declare that they support your candidacy to the position you want to stand for. The process for submitting your nomination is to fill in the online form here on the National Conference Hub. We have outlined the steps you need to consider for submitting a form so please follow each of the steps and fill the form in online. If you would like to speak to someone about standing for these positions or have any questions please email executiveoffice@nus.org.uk and we can arrange that for you.

What you will need

✅ Your Personal details (name, email address and contact phone number)

✅ Proof of Student/Officer Status (either a letter from your SU/Institution or a valid student card)

✅ Details of people who are nominationg you for this position (their name, constituent member and proof of Student/Officer status). For FTO positions you need ten (10) nominations, for voluntary roles you will need five (5) nominations

✅ Have read the No Platform Policy, the NUS Code of Conduct and the NUS Staff Protocol In addition, the following are optional but we recommend you have this

✅ Details of an additional two peoople who are nominating you for this position (in case there are any issues with your nominators)

✅ A Manifesto document saved as a .pdf (for FTOs 2 sides of A4, for Volunteer roles 1 side of A4)

✅ A plain text Word version of your manifesto

✅ A six word political slogan

✅ A head and shoulders photo of yourself on a plain background with no-one else in the photo

Please ensure you have all required information, images etc. before beginning the nomination process, as you will be unable to save and come back to the form once started.

Election Rules

Download the full set of election rules here.

It is the responsibility of every candidate to read and understand these rules