Positions Available

Elections which will be held at National Conference 2018 are listed below. For every position we have summarised the role and responsibilities so that you are clear on what is expected of the successful candidate.

Full-Time Officers

The National President, Vice President (Further Education), Vice President (Higher Education), Vice President (Society and Citizenship), Vice President (Union Development) and Vice President (Welfare) are elected at National Conference.


Volunteer Positions Election Rules

National Executive Council voluntary positions

National Conference elects 15 members of the National Executive Council – known as the ‘Block of 15’. Five positions are reserved for Further Education candidates and 50% of the positions (rounded down) will be reserved for candidates who self-define as women. 


NUS UK Directors

The National Conference elects directors to sit on the NUS UK Board. They have collective responsibility with the officer and lay trustees for the finance and legal aspects of the National Union. There are 3 positions availble for 2 years terms and 1 position available for a 1 year term.


Democratic Procedures Committee Members      

The National Conference elects members to the Democratic Procedures Committee, which ensures the smooth running of Conference and the policy process. National Conference will elect five members this year for two year terms and 2 for 1 year terms.

Nominations for these positions will open and close at National Conference 2018.