Election Results 2019

Full Time Officer Positions

Successful candidates for all positions:

  • NUS National President – Zamzam Ibrahim
  • NUS Vice-President Further Education – Juliana Mohamad Noor
  • NUS Vice-President Higher Education - Claire Smith
  • NUS Vice-President Welfare - Eva Crossan Jory
  • NUS Vice-President Union Development -  Erica Ramos

Count Sheets

You can download count sheets for each election by clicking the links below

NUS National President
NUS Vice-President Further Education
NUS Vice-President Higher Education
NUS Vice-President Welfare
NUS Vice-President Union Development

Volunteer Positions

We're delighted to announce those elected to the NEC Block of 15, DPC, and as Student Directors from 1 July 2019 are:

NEC Block of 15 

Abdullah Okud - Sheffield Hallam Students' Union 
Amna Atteeq - Aston Students' Union
Charlie Hind - Leeds Beckett Students' Union
Chuchu Nwagu - Roehampton Students' Union
Cosob Awil - Black Students' Committee
Ian Wong - Keele University Students' Union
Jacob Pepper - University of West London Students' Union
Larissa Kennedy - Warwick Students' Union
Mona Mounir - Goldsmiths Students' Union
Nabeela Mowlana - Sheffield Hallam Students' Union
Sally Patterson - University of Bristol Students' Union

There are four remaining FE positions for Block of 15 (at least one of these is to be filled by a self-defining woman).

Count Sheets

Democratic Procedures Committee

Azza Abdullah - University of Leicester Students' Union
Molly Jean Longden -  Aberystwyth University
Phill Dowler - NEC Block of 15
Sabrina Miller - University of Bristol
Zainab Khan - Kings College London 

Download Count Sheet

Student Directors 

Aaron Thompson - Kent Students' Union
Charlie Walker - Durham Students' Union
Laura Douds - Anglia Ruskin Students' Union

Download Count Sheet

Congratulations to everyone above and thanks to all the candidates for taking part in this year’s elections.