Registration FAQ

Ok, so you're registering people for Conference? Great! We know it's complicated and a lot of admin and we're really grateful for you taking your time to find out the right information about your delegation. It really helps the team manage the conference and create a great experience for your attendees.

Below is an FAQ which we hope will answer all your questions about registering for conference. But if not the Events team contact details are below so feel free to ask us a question.

Where do I register?

**Registration with accommodation has now closed.**

Why do we need to register people to attend National Conference?

Every year 1,200 people register for National Conference. For each person who attends Conference, we need to know some basic information. This information helps the events team to ensure the correct credentials are issued at Conference, pick up any access or dietary needs, help people with childcare, gain consent for under 18s to attend and make sure everyone who needs one gets a bed for the two nights!

Who needs to be registered to attend National Conference?

Everyone who attends National Conference must be registered.

Yep, every single person must be registered whether they are attending as a Delegate, Observer or Visitor. The NUS Events Team can't register people on your behalf.

When is the registration deadline?

First thing to know is that there are two deadlines.

The first deadline is 12pm on Friday 16 February 2018. This one is for booking accommodation and providing details for the Priority Ballot. So the important thing to remember is that if you want accommodation you need to register by this date. More info about the Priority Ballot is below but the key point is, we need your info by this date or you won't be able to take part in the Priority Ballot.

After this date we'll keep registration for conference open for another two weeks, we just won't be taking any more accommodation bookings.

The final deadline for all completed registrations is: 12pm on Friday 2 March 2018.

Is there a deadline for the Priority Ballot?

Yes. It's 12pm on 16 February 2018. By this point we need to know all the details for your entire delegation. If we don't know this we won't know if your delegation is eleigible to participate in the ballot. And if we don't know you are eligible we won't be able to send out the link to vote.

We need this information really early so we can check through and prepare the Priority Ballot data and make sure it's going to the right place.

This is the important bit! In order for your delegates to be able to take part in the Priority Ballot we need the following bits of information for each of your delegates.

  • Full name
  • Self defined gender (so that we know whether your delegation is compliant with our Fair Representation Policy)
  • An email address that is unique to the delegate. The email you provide is where we will send the vote to. If you've registered with duplicate email addresses or a generic email address (e.g. reception@) we won't be able to tell where the email is supposed to be going so we won't be able to send a vote
  • How the delegate was selected

If we don't receive this information by the deadline unfortunately your delegates won't be able to vote.

Is accommodation provided?

Yes. All delegates are eligible for accommodation for free on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the Conference. This is in a twin room sharing with another member of your Union.

Observers and Balcony Visitors can also book accommodation which is chargebale based on the average rate we pay for accommodation. You can select either single or twin accommodation.

Don't forget you can get accommodation if you book by the accommodation deadline! 12 noon on Friday 16 February.

Please explain more about twin rooms

To maximise participation at National Conference, NUS pays for delegate attendance and accommodation based on twin occupancy.

When we place attendees in twin rooms the following rules are always met

  • Under 18s are never placed in twin rooms - they will always be in single accommodation
  • We only twin attendees from the same Union. At some events we do twin attendees from different Unions but not at National Conference
  • Staff are never asked to share with officers or students

What is the single supplement?

So as standard delegates receive free twin accommodation. If they would prefer single accommodation this can be booked, however a charge applies to this which we call the single supplement. If you select this you will be guarunteed a single room.

The costs of this is based on the difference in price between one twin room and two single rooms (as we'd need to find a single room for the person you are sharing with).

You can select the single supplement at registration. You don't need to select it for any attendee that is under 18 (we'll make sure under 18s are placed in single rooms).

It may be that some attendees receive a single room if they haven't paid the supplement - this is down to how rooms are allocated and is coincidental. If you wish to guaruntee a single room you need to select the single supplement.

I don't have complete information about my delegation/I want to register an AN Other

Conference is one month early this year, so we understand that some Unions may not have conducted elections before the deadline. Therefore, if you don't think you'll have the details of your delegation in time for the deadline you can still register with details TBC (with name as AN Other). This is the best way of securing spaces and accommodation.

If you expect to have the full information about your delegation before 16 February 2018 please don't register AN Others. It's absolutely fine for you to register any time you like before the deadline, you'll still get places and accommodation. To save on admin time for yourselves and us it's better to wait until you have all the information about your delegation.

If you do need to register AN Other places then don't forget we need you to confirm all the details about your delegation. Your registration status will remain as 'pending' until we receive all the information about your delegation. If we don't receive the information by 12 noon on 16 February 2018 your delegates won't be able to take part in the Priority Ballot.

This year we've added a question to the form asking when you expect to get full details of your delegation. This will really help us to plan and follow up registrations.

Lastly, the final deadline for information about all of your delegation is 12pm on 2 March 2018. If we still don't have information at this point we'll have to cancel the places.

What is my NUS Secure Code?

Each Union has been issued with a unique Secure Code in July 2017. This was emailed out to your President and CEO/General Manager/SSLO/LVP You will need this in order to register your delegation, submit motions and amendments.

If you have lost your Secure Code your CEO/General Manager/SSLO/LVP can ask for the Code to be reissued to them by emailing Customer Services

You need your Secure Code to register

Can I register on behalf of people?

Yes. Many registrations for National Conference are made by Students’ Union staff on behalf of the delegation. If you are the member of staff registering your delegation please remember to:

  • Gather information about each attendee in advance of registering (see below for a checklist)
  • Make each registration using the attendees email address NOT your own or a generic SU email address. This is because we need the attendees email address to communicate with the attendee and if they are a Voting Delegate send them the Priority Ballot)
  • Fill in your details when prompted so that we can contact you if neccesary

Confirmation emails will be sent to both you and the attendee.

What is my union’s delegate entitlement?

Delegate Entitlement is the number of free delegate places each Students’ Union is permitted to send to National Conference. Delegate entitlement is based on how many students are at the institution.

You will only be able to register the number of delegates that you are entitled to send to conference. You can check your Delegate Entitlement here

Can I bring Observers?

Yes. Each affiliated Union is entitled to bring up to three Observers. Observers have access to conference floor and speaking rights, but can't vote. More information on Observers can be found on this page

Observers are charged a fee, except for if you have a delegate entitlement of one (in which case you get a free Observer place).

I am a Student Union staff member. How do I register?

Please register as a Balcony Visitor. Student Union staff members can't attend as Observers and don't have access to conference floor. However you can still attend conference and watch proceedings from the balcony as well as attending fringes and exhibitions. Balcony Visitor places are charged a small admin fee.

What’s the difference between Delegates, Observers and Visitors?

Delegates have full speaking and voting rights at the conference and there are no registration or accommodation costs.

Observers have speaking rights but no voting rights, so will be active members of conference with access to conference floor and the right to participate in debate. Member unions may send up to 3 Observers with a registration fee of £180 + accommodation costs*.

Visitors have no access to conference floor and no speaking or voting rights. Visitors may view conference from the balcony in the venue and may not actively participate. The fee for this is £20 + accommodation costs.  

What is Fair Representation and what does it mean for my delegation?

At National Conference 2014, delegates passed a policy to ensure that delegations to National Conference would be made up of ‘at least 50% self-defining women, rounded down’.

What this means is that half of your Delegates (i.e. those with voting rights) MUST self define as women. This can be rounded down. So if you have a delegate entitlement of 5, you would need to send 2 women to Conference. DPC will be very strict in enforcing this, so you need to make sure you are within this rule when registering. If your delegation does not meet the Fair Representation policy we won't be able to confirm your delegation and you won't be able to attend conference.

There is a guide to Fair Representation which can be accesed here

What's the deal with 'pending' and 'confirmed' statuses?

Every registration for National Conference is deemed as pending when it is made. Before we can confirm that your delegation is attending conference NUS staff need to check a few things:

  • That you have all the right information from your attendees
  • That your delegation meets our Fair Representation Policy
  • That you haven't registered more delegates than your delegate entitltment
  • That all email addresses for delegates are personal to them and not duplicates

Only once we have all this information for every member of your delegation can we confirm your delegation. At that point your delegation is confirmed to attend National Conference.

How come I can be 'confirmed' to attend and then have my status changed to 'pending'?

Put simply, registration for conference is not done on an individual basis, it is by delegation. So we need to know that your entire delegation meets the attendance criteria (above).

So, if you make a change to your delegation which means that you now have less than 50% self defining women attending you won't be compliant with our Fair Representation Policy. So we won't be able to let any of your delegation attend. At that point we'll change the status to 'pending' and get in touch with you to discuss.

Registration checklist

What information do I need to complete a registration?

When you are registering yourself or on behalf of others you will be required to fill in the following information so please make sure you’ve collected it all before you start.

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Job Title (put in ‘student’ or the position they hold if they are an elected student representative)
  • Students’ Union
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Emergency contact name – this should be a 24 hour emergency contact for a family member – not a student union contact
  • Emergency contact telephone number – this should be a 24 hour emergency contat for a family member – not the Student Union telephone number
  • Gender (We need to know that 50% of your Voting Delegates self-identify as Women)
  • Dietary requirements e.g. Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher and also any allergies (please include how severe these are) – this information will be passed to the hotel in respect of breakfast and to venue first aiders.
  • Access needs e.g. accessible bedroom, documents in different formats, coloured paper, interpreter, enabler,
  • If their access needs requires an enabler then they need to provide the following details for enablers and sign enablers protocol
  • What support the enabler will provide
  • Name of enabler
  • Enablers email address
  • Enablers phone number
  • Child care if needed
  • Whether they are HE or FE –Only FE individuals can be an FE delegate, only HE individuals can be a HE delegate. Please read the Delegate Entitlement Document if you are unsure or need further information – this is particularly important for unions that have both FE and HE students.
  • How the delegate was selected e.g. election by cross campus ballot
  • Named delegate leader

I am registering someone who is under 18. What do I need to consider?

If you are between the ages of 16-18 years old and booking onto this event you should ensure you follow the procedures your union/college have in place for parental consent. If you are required to bring a guardian with you then please make this known, giving full details of name and relationship. You will also be required to complete a consent form when registering for the event.

If accommodation has been booked for under 18s it will always be in single accommodation. All under 18s will be in one designated hotel where NUS safeguarding trained staff will be present.

How can I let NUS know about an attendee’s access needs?

Please give information in the relevant box on the registration form, specify what facilities your delegate requires in order for them to fully participate in this event. Advance notice of access requirements allows the necessary arrangements to be made in good time.

Please state all such requirements when registering by Friday 2 March 2018. Full details are necessary.  Please phone 0300 303 8602 or email if you wish to discuss your access needs further. We cannot guarantee access requirements will be met if not received by this time. You should send your access needs even if you have previously attended NUS events.

I need childcare. Are you able to provide it?

Yes! We're able to support anyone who needs childcare for children aged between 1 and 13. We can provide a creche on site or accommodation for your childminder or an allowance towards childcare costs. Please note children aren't allowed on Conference floor.

We'd really encourage you take up these options so you can come to Conference knowing your child will be looked after.

However please note, this provision is not available to Student Union staff.

If childcare is required this shouuld be stated at the point of registration. You will be able to download a Childcare Request Form detailing the support we offer. This form must be submitted to the Events team by Friday 2 March 2018. We cannot guarantee childcare requirements will be met if not received by this time.  Please phone 0300 303 8602 or email if you wish to discuss your childcare needs further.

I’ve missed both deadlines for registration. Is there anything you can do?

Sorry, but the answer is a big no! We've stated the deadlines really clearly above and the reason they are there is to give the team time to process the 1000+ registrations that are made for Conference. We need the time to be able to do this, giving us time to plan Conference and make sure you have a great experience at Conference.

The Events Team will be very strict in enforcing the deadline for Conference so please make sure you register in time.

I need to cancel a place at the Conference. What is your cancellation policy?

In the event of your institution having to cancel your registration, you must contact NUS events ( prior to the event. All contact details can be found on your booking confirmation and  

A place cancelled after the registration deadline will be charged except in exceptional circumstances, and at the sole discretion of NUS.

Cancellation charges reflect the costs incurred by NUS in booking accommodation, catering and venues. After the final registration deadline (2 March 2018) your institution will incur 100% cancellation fee.

For free places (Delegates and any Free Observers) any cancellation after 2 March 2018 will be charged an admin fee of £20.

I need to substitute a place. Can I do this?

Yes absolutely but remember your delegation needs to remain with Fair Representation policy and within your delegate entitlement.

If you make a substitution after the final registration deadline (2 March 2018) there is an admin fee applicable of £20.

My question has not been answered. Can I contact you?

Absolutely! Please phone 0300 303 8602 or email and we will be happy to help.

I've read through this info. So where do I register?