Key Deadlines

Upcoming Deadlines

31 January 2019: Publication of Zone Proposals. Amendments Submission opens
Zone Proposals are produced by the National President working with NEC and Zone Vice-presidents working with their Zone Committees. They outline what the zone will work on for the next year. Amendments can be made by Constituent Members, or Constituent Members can submit their own motions for debate. 

25 February 2019: Deadline for Nominations for FTO roles and NEC Block of 15

27 February 2019: Reports Published: NEC, DPC, Nominations Committee, Accounts and Estimates

28 February 2019 (12 noon): Deadline for submitting Motions and for Amendments to Zone Proposals

Deadline for Constituent Members to submit Amendments to Zone Proposals or Motions

Publication of Reform Motion and opening of Amendments to this motion

Friday 8 March 2019 (12 noon): Deadline for Registration with Accommodation and Priority Ballot

Deadline for all registrations which include accommodation. This is also the deadline for submitting details to participate in the Priority Ballot.

Sunday 10 March 2019: Compositing Motions

Compositing is the process of combining those motions that cover the same topics. Unions will be informed if they need to attend.

14 March 2019: Publication of Motions and Amendments, Priority Ballot opens

Priority Ballot is the process of ordering the zones and motions within those zones for debate at National Conference. 

18 March 2019 (12 noon): Deadline for Amendments to Reform Motion and Challenges to the Estimates

Deadline to raise a formal challenge to the proposed estimates and for members to submit amendments to the Reform Motion

N.b. this deadline was for 15 March but has now been extended to 18 March

19 March 2019 (12 noon): Final registration deadline
This is the final deadline for registering your delegation for National Conference. No registrations will be accepted after this date.

21 March 2019 (12 noon): Priority Ballot closes
Deadline for filling in the National Conference Priority Ballot.

22 March 2019: Reform Motion and Amendments published

29 March 2019 (12 noon): Results of Priority Ballot Released along with ordered Motions and Amendments

5 April 2019 (5pm):

  • Emergency Motions Deadline
  • Deadline to submit questions or refer back any of the following reports:
    • Accountability questions to President and Vice Presidents or to refer back their Reports
    • NEC report
    • NUS UK Board Report
    • Democratic Procedures Committee Report
    • Chief Returning Officers' Report

9 - 11 April 2019: National Conference 2019

In Conference deadlines as below:

  • Deadline to contest policy adoptions to Democratic Procdures Committee.
  • Deadline to submit nominations for DPC (10 April 1pm)

Please note: the above deadlines are subject to change.