Elections after the deadline

The world's largest democratic student event is returning to Scotland in the spring. The dates were set two years ago to give us the best possible value and are slightly earlier in the year due to when the Easter holidays fall.

Here are the key dates:

12pm 16 February: Deadline for the Priority Ballot, which decides the order of motions at Conference. To take part we need full delegate information (which needs to be unique, i.e. not registered as 'AN Other', TBC or anonymous delegates).

12pm 16 February: Deadline for booking accommodation. We cannot accept any further bookings after this date.

12pm 2 March: Final registration deadline for National Conference.

27-29 March: National Conference 2018.

We would encourage unions to hold their delegate elections in good time ahead of the registration deadlines, and many unions are choosing to hold theirs in the autumn term.

However we realise this may not be possible for all unions and are able to offer the flexibility for unions with delegate elections after the registration deadline.

Unions with elections before 16 Feb

Unions with full delegate information before 16 February should register in the normal way. Further registration information can be found here.

Unions with elections between 16 Feb and 2 March

Unions with elections between 16 Feb and 2 March should follow the normal registration process, registering places as 'AN Other' before 16 February and updating details before 2 March.

Delegates whose full details are registered after 16 February will not be able to participate in the Priority Ballot. This is because the team needs time to process and input email addresses into UnionCloud to run the ballot. In order to do this we need information by 16 February. Find out more about the Priority Ballot here.

Unions who are holding their elections after the final deadline of 2 March

Let the Events Team know in advance: events@nus.org.uk.

Register places without details (i.e. as 'AN Other') by the publicised deadlines and let us know as soon as your elections are completed. We will need all the required information as soon as possible after your elections.

Your delegation would still need to fall within your delegate entitlement and our Fair Representation Policy. We’re unable to amend the deadline for appeals for both of these areas so we would need your delegation to be within your delegate entitlement and to have 50 per cent self-defining women (rounded down). You can check your delegate entitlement and our fair representation policy here. We won’t be able to accept your delegation if it’s not in line with this and there will not be an opportunity to appeal.

Due to timescale constraints you won’t be able to participate in the Priority Ballot.

We won’t be able to guarantee meeting all access requirements at this point if delegates registered after 2 March. If you’re able to flag any likely requirements in advance (e.g. if a candidate has a stated requirement) that would be immensely helpful.

We will still require you to register any non-elected attendees in the normal way within the stated deadlines. So please ensure you register any balcony visitors by 16 Feb (for accommodation) or 2 March at the latest.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact events@nus.org.uk