Delegate Training

What is it all about?

National Conference is the biggest event in the NUS year. Around 1000 delegates will be travelling to Glasgow in 2018 to come together to discuss ideas (policy), hold to account the Officers that have been in office since 1 July 2018 and elect the Leadership of NUS for the 2019/20 year.

Policy will be submitted in advance of the event by Students' Union across the country and will be available on this Hub. At Conference, we will hear speeches for and against as many policies as time allows and delegates will vote to pass the policy proposal.

The elected leadership that are held to account at this conference are the President and Vice Presidents. They will have submitted reports in advance of the event for delegates to read and at the event will discuss their report on a video and answer questions submitted to them for this session. There will be a form available to submit questions to these reports. 

Candidates are nominated for the available Officer positions and you'll be able to read about them in their manifestos. There are also volunteer positions elected at this event including positions on; Democratic Procedures Committee, NUS UK Board and National Executive Council.

There will be information available on this Hub about becoming an officer or volunteer. 

What can a delegate expect?

National Conference is an inspiring and motivating event, its aim is to unite students to debate ideas and bring about change in society. It will be interesting, it will be busy and there will be lots of debate. You can watch our webinar on  Public Speaking and Preparation for some tips on speaking on Conference floor and preparing a speech.

At some times delegates might find this overwhelming if a delegate does they can leave conference floor at any time unless an election or count is taking place. There are break out spaces, prayer rooms and a quiet room; the venue is also right next to the beach for some fresh sea air!

If you are travelling to the venue by train it is an easy 10-minute walk to the venue. Delegates will receive Joining Instructions including useful information about the area and emails from the events team will explain which hotel you are in, how far away it is from the venue and lots of other useful information.

Delegates will be provided with a briefing session before Conference starts on the first day, and there will also be briefing sessions for candidates and their campaigners.

Delegates will be provided with a copy of the motions document and the order paper. All other conference documents will be available online. If you require the document printing on coloured paper or larger print please fill this requirement in on the 'access requirements' section of your registration.

What should a delegate bring with them?

Delegates should bring their registration confirmation printout, some ID and under 18 consent form if applicable. Money for food and drinks (don't forget your NUS extra card for those places with discount in the area!), clothes/toiletries, travel tickets, speech notes, a pen and electronic devices if they wish (there will be wifi). On the first and last day of Conference, luggage can be checked in at the venue.

What should a delegate be reading and doing in advance?

Before you attend National Conference you should read in advance: the Officer reports and AGM report, proposed policy, candidate manifestos and the agenda. You should read our guide to Conference terminology before you arrive. 

It is important before delegates attend Conference to read the motions that are going to be debated and discuss them amongst your delegation, union and student population. Delegates should gather opinion on these motions, discuss the different sides of the debate and discuss how they might vote at the conference in a way that represents the students of the union. More Information on Consulting students before and after conference

Behaviour at Conference

To make the event enjoyable and inclusive for all delegates we ask that delegates are mindful of their behaviour and actions at Conference. There are over 1000 people in the conference venue and some delegates might find the experience exciting and dynamic some might find it overwhelming or intimidating. All delegates are asked to read and understand the Code of Conduct before coming to conferences, please make sure all delegates are familiar with this document and are willing to comply with the standards set out in it.

A delegate's behaviour at conference extends to behaviour towards others on Social Media. If a delegate's behaviour is deemed unacceptable then their rights on conference floor will be removed by DPC for either a period of time, the rest of the event or in an extreme case a delegate can be asked to leave the conference and the Students' Union will be informed. Read More about a Positive, Inclusive National Conference