Museums & Attractions

Free Museums & Art Galleries 

Glasgow has a huge range of attractions for to explore, including city-owned museums and art galleries offering free entry for visitors.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum,  Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AG
Opens 10am - 5pm, Free Entry

This is a beautiful historic building set within Kelvingrove Park in the West End and houses one of Europe's great art collections.


The Riverside Museum (European Museum of the Year 2013)
100 Pointhouse Rd, Glasgow G3 8RS
Opens 10am - 5pm, Free Entry

Located on the River Clyde is a stunning modern museum and great place to explore our transport history.


The Gallery of Modern Art Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow G1 3AH
Opens 10am - 5pm, Thursday 8pm, Free Entry 

It's situated in the middle of the City Centre, displaying work that highlights the interests, influences and working methods of artists from around the world.


Glasgow Cathedral, Castle St, Glasgow G4 0QZ
Admission Between 10am - 3.30pm 

It's free to visit and find out about our patron saint, St Mungo.
This magnificent example of Scottish Gothic architecture was built between the 13th & 15th centuries and is widely regarded as the high point of cathedral building in Europe.

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